The Clinic's Support team or “Hollvinasamtök” in Icelandic, which actually means "Good Friends Association" was established on the 24th of July 2005 which was the 50th birthday of the Clinic.

The role of the Support team is:

  • To strengthen the Clinics work in the society both financially and in any other way possible.
  • The team is for anyone who cares about the Clinics role in the community and wants to see it thrive in the future.
  • The team wants to spread the good work of the Clinic to as many as possible.

The support team works throughout entire Iceland and has meeting at the Clinic in Hveragerði and at NLFI’s offices in Reykjavik

OUR SUPPORT MATTERS and we urge everyone to be a Support team member. The early fee is only 3000 ISK.

Here are homepage and facebook page of the Support team: