NLFI Rehabilitation and Health Clinic in Hveragerdi 

The Clinic is in Hveragerdi, a lively and thriving town just east of Reykjavik. The drive from Reykjavik to this peaceful and beautiful place only takes about 30 minutes on highway 1. 

What gives Hveragerdi its special quality is its proximity to sources of geothermal heat. The town is built in an area of intense geothermal activity, hence the name Hveragerdi (hver means geyser). Few towns in the world can boast an active geothermal area in their heart, bubbling geysers, hissing steam vents and colorful summer flowers. 

Due to its location gardening has always been one of the main industries in Hveragerdi, which has earned the title "The Flower Town". Besides flowers and plants, tourists have been able to buy flavorful fresh vegetables at affordable prices.  In recent years, many people have stayed in Hveragerdi for relaxation since the town is well situated, away from the hustle and bustle of the capital area, but within easy reach of it. 

Map of location