Future development at the Health Clinic

Heilsustofnun rehabilitation and health clinic, referred to in this text as “the Health Clinic” is now in the middle of a development project, spanning several years, that aims to get it closer to its purpose of supporting people to take responsibility for their health. The project includes

  1. Construction of a new health society with a focus on longevity
  2. Renewal and expansion of the current health clinic facilities
  3. Construction of a health resort based on the values of the Health Clinic
  4. Further development of the Health Clinic’s preventative services

Sustainability will be a key theme in all new designs e.g. all buildings will have an sustainability certification, the geothermal energy in the surrounding area will be utilized to heat facilities and on-site organic farming will be used to supply ingredients for the in-house restaurant. Construction of the first phase of the project is set to start late-2021. All of the facilities to be constructed will be located at the Health Clinic’s site in Hveragerdi, a small town located just 1-hour drive from the international airport. Hveragerdi is unique in many ways as visitors can escape into unscathed nature characterized by tranquility, peacefulness, and quiet. The area consists of mountains, hot springs, rivers, and various hiking and biking trails. The nature in and around Hveragerdi is easily accessible by foot.

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1. Health society

A new longevity health society is being developed based on the Health Clinic’s experience in integrative medicine, as well as their experience with their other health society, Lækjarbrún. The society’s apartments will come with a unique service offering designed to implement the Health Clinic’s vision of supporting people to take responsibility for their health into a health society and facilitating for the creation of the country’s first longevity society. The services offering, which is currently being developed, may include e.g. access to the Health Clinic’s facilities, training sessions and group classes, as well as annual health checks performed by the Health Clinic’s medical professionals. The society will also have multiple touch points e.g. restaurant, swimming pool and a community hall, to facilitate for creation of a community feeling among residents. Other qualities of the health society include peacefulness and closeness to all local amenities and the capital city. The current development plan, which is now undergoing review by the municipality, includes the construction of 84 apartments on the land next to the health clinic, with apartment sizes ranging between ~80m2 and ~140m2. The first construction phase for the society is planned to start late 2021, subject to the approval of the municipality. Further information will be presented to interested buyers in the fall.


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2. Health clinic facilities

The core of the Health Clinic’s operations for the last decades, the health clinic, will be completely renewed in several phases and guest rooms expanded by ~40%. The new health clinic facilities are important to all the Health Clinic’s services as the health clinic serves as the center point for its services including its preventative services. Preparation for the renewal and expansion of the health clinic is expected to start late 2022 with construction to be finalized in 2025. Please note the health clinic will be open during the construction period with measures taken to minimize disturbance to its operations and its guests.


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3. Health resort

The Health Clinic is developing a health resort that will give its guests the opportunity to benefit from the Health Clinic’s decades of experience while exploring Iceland’s unique natural wonders. The health resort will have around 100 rooms and a large spa area. The services offered at the health resort will be personalized to meet each guest’s needs and preferences. In addition, guests that require more advanced medical care will be able to access the Health Clinic's rehabilitation services. The health resort will be conveniently located for traveling and exploring Icelandic city-life in Reykjavik, small-town feel in Hveragerdi, as well as popular attractions in the south of Iceland, like the Golden circle. The health resort is still in the design phase, with construction expected between 2025 and 2026.


4. Preventative services

As a part of the development project, the Health Clinic’s preventative services will be further developed, but preventative services are strongly connected to the Health Clinic’s purpose of supporting people to take responsibility for their health. This development has already started with new service offerings to be launched in the near future. As preventative services are largely provided at the previously mentioned health clinic facilities, buildings will not be constructed specifically for this part of the development project.

Please see the video below for further information about the project.

For more detailed information investors can reach out to investors @ nlfi.is 


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