The story of The NLFI Rehabilitation and Health Clinic

The Clinic was founded in july in 1955. Jónas Kristjánsson, a medical doctor and a pioneer in naturopathic medicine was the chief instigator for the establishment of the Icelandic Nature Health Society and its Rehabilitation and Health Clinic in Hveragerdi. Soon after the opening in 1955 the facility could accommodate 40 guests, but ever since the practice has grown and the housing expanded steadily and now more than 2000 guests can come on a yearly basis to stay at the clinic. 

The Clinics vision on natural medicine
Our vision on natural medicine is based on holistic medicine. Health problems of individuals are examined with the view to look in need of mental, physical and social situation in context. Treatment strategy includes the efforts to establish and maintain a normal and healthy relationship between the individual and the environment, and enhance the protection of body and mind against any kind of illness and disease. 

The main role of The Clinic is to promote health, rehabilitation and education. 
Guests must be ambulatory and able to take care of themselves in their daily activities. The treatment is focused on exercise, healthy and balanced diet, relaxation and rest. Education and professional counseling is a big part of the treatment and the focus is health and lifestyle. The Clinics vision on natural medicine is fully consistent with the objectives of the World Health Organization for improved health and health development in the world and it also fits well with the Icelandic health policy. 

The policy of the Nature and Health Association of Icelandn (NLFI) has always been to increase and integrate concepts of health and health care in the debate and work, and depart from the monochromatic disease debate. It promotes health and development to comply with the policy, including through education, healthy food intake, exercise, relaxation and rest. The purpose and goal of herbal medicine policy is healthcare. This objective is still valid. The Clinic avoids theories that do not withstand scientific criticism. Moderation in life and understanding of integrated solutions for medicine, healthy lifestyle in the broadest sense, is the main function of the NLFÍ present and future, as well as environmental protection.