Health is wealth 

It has consistently been proved that massage, heat treatments, relaxation and baths can improve both physical and mental condition. These treatments and others are available at the NLFI Rehabiliation and Health Clinic. To get the most out of treatments, we recommend starting with the hot tub, steam or to do light exercises in the swimming pool, all these facilities is included if you go to any of our treatments. Bathrobe, slippers and towels are also included in the price.  

The staff at the clinic have been specialized in water treatments and we have five certified medical massage therapists along with well experienced staff in the swimming pool and mud baths. Facilites at Kjarnalundur is the best you can get. 

Medical Massage
Medical massage therapy is a treatment on the soft muscles of the body for therapeutic purposes. Soft muscles are the muscles, tendons, ligaments and membranes. By reducing tension in the muscles it increases oxygen and nutrients to the tissues. Medical massage is available as a part body massage or a full body massage. 

Part Body Massage - 7.500 kr.
Treatment for specific parts of the body. Suitable, for example, for muscle pain in the neck, shoulders and back. 
Length: 25 minutes.  

Full Body Massage - 12.000 kr.
Treatment for the entire body. Reduces tension and increases blood circulation to muscles. Ideal for the relief of sore muscles and effective against general physical fatigue.  Length: 50 minutes.  

Mud Bath - geothermal mud - 6.400 kr.
Deep heat helps relax muscles and relief's rheumatism pain and pain in the muscle-skeletal system. Excellent for those with psoriasis or other skin problems. The time in the bath is 15 minutes, followed by 20 minutes' relaxation.
(Those with severe heart or lung problems, or are allergic to nickel, should not take a mud bath).

Acupuncture - 7.500 kr.
An effective treatment for body pain, especially neck and back pain. 
Lengt: 30 minutes. 

Herbal bath - 20 minutes + 20 minutes relaxation
A selection of soothing therapeutic baths using a range of Icelandic herbal oils. 

  • Eucalyptus Bath: helps clear the respiratory system
  • Chamomile Bath: speeds up the healing of wounds and enhances skin 
  • Spruce Needle Bath: good for those suffering from tension, stress and sleeping problems
  • Special Therapeutic Bath for Rheumatism: helps alleviate and even completely take away body pain

Hypnosis - 10.000 kr.
Deep relaxation with hypnotic techniques.
Length: 60 minutes. 

Information and reservation for treatments - Call 483 0300 weekdays from 8-16 o'clock
Please place orders with at least one day in advance. .