Enjoy comfort and good access at the NLFI Rehabilitation and Health Clinic in a unique environment

– good service and healthy lifestyle 

The service apartments at Lækjarbrún at the NLFI Rehabilitation and Health Clinic give guests the opportunity to enjoy life in a unique and beatiuful environment where they enjoy access to various services at the Clinic. The houses which are particularly impressive were built by the company ÍAV to designs by Hróbjarti Hróbjartssyni architect at VA architects. The design takes into account the special needs of 50 year old and older, but of course are suitable for all ages. They are located near the Clinic.  

These apartments, set in a location famous for its natural beauty and tranquility, enjoy proximity to all Health Clinic services. There are beautiful hiking routes all around, as well as a golf course and a range of entertainment which help make this a delightful place to stay.

Further information 
You can get more information on the service apartments at the NLFI Rehabilitation and Health Clinic, from Guðrún Friðriksdóttir, service manager, or from Ingi Þór Jónsson PR representative at +354 483 0300.  

By investing in a service apartment at Lækjarbrún buyers become parties to a contract with the Clinic whereby they can access the services and the facilities of the Clinic by paying a monthly fee. Services provided and extra fees you can see here

Service contract is available here.